Here’s What Travel Will Look Like in 2022 Post-Pandemic

After a rough year of restrictions and lockdowns due to a global pandemic, U.K. travellers are looking to travel again as vaccinations against COVID-19 are now becoming more readily available. But never has there been a more important time to understand what the future will look like for the travel industry globally in 2022 and beyond.

As COVID-19 vaccinations are gaining some speed nationwide, tourists are starting to gain an increased interest in travelling and some countries have started to see a slow but significant increase in tourism again. However, travelling is no longer the same and we need to start getting used to some restrictions and safety precautions for post-pandemic travel – at least for the foreseeable future.

One significant increase that we are seeing is the need for travel advice. People are not only looking for the best destinations to travel to but they are also looking for information about any post-pandemic travel restrictions and safety precautions they need to take. This raises the question as to how travelling after the pandemic will look like and what we can expect for the travel industry in 2022 and beyond.

Homestays vs Hotels

One of the main increases that we are seeing with current travelling trends post-pandemic is that U.K. homestays are starting to become more popular than hotels. A homestay usually feels much less intimidating than a large hotel and this is especially good for first-time travellers. Even regular travellers who are used to travelling to various hotels and other destinations are starting to enjoy homestays as a great way to connect with people and getting personalized service.

There are some significant benefits of enjoying a homestay as opposed to a hotel. Although homestay is very similar to a hotel in terms of bed and breakfast options, U.K. homestays offer a personal and almost individualized service with a feel of a home away from home. Hotels often offer short-term accommodation and most are common in terms of similar services.

Unless you’re a traveller who enjoys the luxury of a hotel along with facilities such as pools and business amenities, a homestay might just be what you’re looking for when you want to start travelling again post-pandemic.

Homestays offer an authentic local experience and this is something that many travellers are longing for. Hotels provide luxury, but you can seldom experience the essence of the location and this is where local residents offer an advantage. Some travellers enjoy experiencing different cultures and sharing experiences, making local travel all the more interesting.

Many travellers also favour homestays as it helps contribute to the local economy. Homestays are often establishments that are being managed by a family or an individual to supplement their income. Travellers can see this as a great way of giving back to locals while at the same time having the ability to travel.

A Rise In Staycations

As a result of all the travel restrictions, uncertainties surrounding international travel and border closures, the U.K. is seeing a spike in staycations and it is a trend that is likely to become permanent. Staycations offer a lot of benefits for locals, especially those longing for the countryside after being under lockdown for such a long time.

U.K. holidaymakers are looking at alternative travel options domestically as international travel restrictions remain somewhat in place, coupled with the uncertainty of travelling during the pandemic. Research suggests that the local U.K. hotel market will see a significant increase in popularity during 2022.

In fact, Britons are already being warned that staycations in the U.K. are in short supply and bookings for 2022 are encouraged.

According to a recent survey, almost 50% of U.K. travellers said that they are keen to travel domestically in the next 12 months while only one in every three travellers plans to travel abroad. The majority of travellers opts for shorter local holiday breaks and will combine this with sightseeing or other local activities.

The rise in staycations also indicates that people are still looking to use up their vacation time or annual leave, whether they are able to travel abroad or not. The U.K. staycation trend is set to stay with us during 2022 and beyond, as research shows that staycations are fast becoming the holiday of choice for Britons looking for convenience while enjoying the great outdoors.

Travelling Locally

One of the most noticeable trends in post-pandemic travelling is the fact that people are enjoying local travel more than ever before. This includes self-drive breaks, as travellers are looking to minimise contact with others. Self-drive road trips allow people to travel locally and explore in a self-contained way.

Local travel is also an easier option for travellers which is why it became a trend during the last year. According to a study by, 47% of people still plan on travelling during the next year but within their own country. Local travellers enjoy exploring new destinations within their home country and as they are longing for an escape appreciate the natural beauty of the countryside.

Many people also prefer to have private accommodation which is why staycations and home state have become so popular. With many people still hesitant to be among larger groups of people, enjoying homestays are becoming a great solution for people looking to travel locally in the U.K.

Another benefit of local travel is that it allows families to travel together and spend time after a year of lockdown restrictions. Family reunion trips are becoming popular, there is also a rising demand for three-generational villas where whole families can spend time together and reunite after being apart for some time.

These are just some of the trends are starting to see for post-pandemic travel and they are set to continue into 2022.

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